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  • RT @JellyandPals: Woke up from a nap, new packs dropped? Oh @Konami I do love a good surprise. Preparing and then we'll be live! https://t.… 28/Feb/2017 01:08:00
  • RT @FinnCraftYT_: Du, du, du, DUEL ME in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, if you can 😈⚔🔮🎲👾🃏 https://t.co/RrZvcG9p6l 28/Feb/2017 01:07:26
  • RT @Adam_Bhatti: https://t.co/kdAKRmwYLU https://t.co/ZQgjuumJPj 27/Feb/2017 23:12:40
  • RT @Milesenberg1: I'm streaming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in an hour Click here and follow/watch: https://t.co/CfFx27t1ai https://t.c… 27/Feb/2017 23:10:55
  • RT @KonamiUK: We love these Bomberman baddies by Kiwi's Kabana. Who's your favourite baddie? #SuperBombermanR Source: https://t.co/72lLHJb… 27/Feb/2017 23:10:09
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